Across the worlds of art, entertainment, fashion, business and technology we’ve seen first hand the power of creative thinking to define the future.

Throughout our work with industry leading minds we’ve noticed three key themes have formed the basis of our approach to every partnership — culture, curation & collaboration.

This series explores these themes with the people we admire most through a set of playful exercises.

For our tenth volume of Creative Counts, we spoke to Clara Perlmutter, AKA @tinyjewishgirl (TikTok / Instagram). Clara is a Manhattan-based content creator who makes fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. Known for her bold, expressive personal style, she has been featured in publications including PAPER Magazine, The New York Times, Vogue, French Elle, and more. She is a recent NYU grad, where she studied Cultural Criticism and Creative Writing, and is currently working on her first novel. 


After sending us the Creative Counts worksheets, we had a few follow up questions for Clara:

What about the exercise did you enjoy?

I loved getting to use my brand new colored pencils and in general, I love metacognitive thinking. It also made me feel respected as a creative to be asked these questions, because people are often quick to write off content creators as creatives.

You said Bruce Willis movies are one of your greatest sources of inspiration, let’s unpack that.

When I was a child, my favorite movie was Die Hard. This has been a lifelong obsession. When I got older, I got really into Sci-Fi movies and I feel like Bruce Willis is in two of the best ones: The Fifth Element and Twelve Monkeys. I love dystopian future movies and the 90s did it best in terms of costume design. My style is deeply inspired by that Science Fiction film futuristic costume design aesthetic. There’s also something so compelling about his manly face and he’s such a believable tough guy action star. His movies make me want to kickass in my own life (in terms of success, not literally).

Why do you believe a moral backbone is essential for creating meaningful work? 

I feel like having a strong set of beliefs that you stick to is essential for authentic creativity. Any time you are lost or uninspired, that is your north star to get you back to a place where you can create because it is YOU and what you stand for.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I wrote a book when I took a semester off my senior year of college and I’m just now getting around to editing it. I’m really excited to get it to a place where I feel like I can get it published!!!

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