Milk Agency is excited to launch its first editorial series, celebrating the role of creativity in moving the world forward.

Across the worlds of art, entertainment, fashion, business and technology we’ve seen first hand the power of creative thinking to define the future.

Throughout our work with industry leading minds we’ve noticed three key themes have formed the basis of our approach to every partnership — culture, curation & collaboration.

This series explores these themes with the people we admire most through a set of playful exercises.

For our second volume, we asked Tiffany Bender, Supervising Producer of Condè Nast and Head of Content at Afrochella, Africa’s largest music and culture festival, to share her thoughts on these three key themes, and what they mean to her.


After sending us the Creative Counts worksheets, we had a few follow up questions for Tiffany:

What about the exercise did you enjoy? 

I haven’t gotten into my gel pen color bag in a minute so that was really fun. I thought that I would be most excited about the collage portion of it, and yes that was the fun part, but it was taking a minute to define creativity. The exercise really forced you to articulate what creativity means, and that of course doesn’t mean to you what it does for me.

What do you want readers to know? 

I would love to see a return to organic personal and social accounts. I get it, I do… but I think that we need to, and maybe we’re on the way there, return to the brand being the brand and the person being the person. I feel like social media caused us, specifically Instagram, to be like “I have to be a brand.” You think that you’re setting yourself up for success by being a brand, but you’re really limiting all the potential that you have: you want to be Coca-Cola so bad and now we think you only make soda… So, when you go and try to enter the water business, we don’t trust you, right? Because you so curated yourself to being the best Coca-Cola there is. I ain’t no Coca-Cola, I got too much stuff I want to do. 

What are the greatest benefits of collaboration in your experience?

It is literally what pushes culture… yeah, I don’t think I have anything else other than that to say!

What do you look for in a collaborator?

I think kindness is incredibly important when I collaborate with somebody. You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room, but you have to be interested in learning. If you think you’re the smartest person in the room, we’re already doomed—and if you ARE absolutely the smartest person in the room, we’re also doomed.

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