Milk Agency is excited to launch its first editorial series, celebrating the role of creativity in moving the world forward.

Across the worlds of art, entertainment, fashion, business and technology we’ve seen first hand the power of creative thinking to define the future.

Throughout our work with industry leading minds we’ve noticed three key themes have formed the basis of our approach to every partnership — culture, curation & collaboration.

This series explores these themes with the people we admire most through a set of playful exercises.

In the third installment of our editorial series, we hear from Paul Bui, a writer, stylist and multi-dimensional creative who previously held editorial and creative director roles at Milk, Out Magazine and The Face. Paul is also the co-founder of Community Bread, a queer-owned livestream & resource platform connecting global audiences with marginalized artists aimed to offset economic hardships caused by the pandemic.


After sending us the Creative Counts worksheets, we had a few follow up questions for Paul:

What about the exercise did you enjoy? 

It’s so rare that you have the time because we’re always on the move, going through motions, and doing things on autopilot. We never have a moment to stop and self reflect and put it down on paper. That’s what I really loved about this exercise. 

What was the biggest takeaway for you? And what do you hope readers take from it? 

I want people to know that you can build something from scratch if you have the will. With the launch of Community Bread, we brought like minded folks together as a passion project.  We have really devoted, loyal people who believe in our mission and, from that, we were able to build a huge audience just from our community. It’s galvanizing because it’s authentic.

How do you think about the role of curation in your creative process ?

It’s interesting because I think curation is collaboration as well because you can’t do it all on your own. You need the right team behind you.

At Community Bread, curation plays a huge role in what we do, as a global platform. We haven’t worked with a white straight cis male DJ, not because it’s a directive of ours, but more so because there are so many amazing, talented and marginalized, female, queer, people of color. In the music scene, people forget black artists in Detroit invented techno. It was born from underground warehouse spaces. So we wanted to give marginalized artists who are so integral in building this scene, the space that they deserved. 

What have you learned during the pandemic?

I’ve learned that after all of this, whether it’s in the Twitch chat room or shoulder to shoulder on the dance floor, we all need each other.

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