Across the worlds of art, entertainment, fashion, business and technology we’ve seen first hand the power of creative thinking to define the future.

Throughout our work with industry leading minds we’ve noticed three key themes have formed the basis of our approach to every partnership — culture, curation & collaboration.

This series explores these themes with the people we admire most through a set of playful exercises. For our eleventh volume of Creative Counts, we spoke to Coco & Breezy (@cocoandbreezy)—twins, producers, founders, and DJs. Their musical journey was influenced by their family and grew into a deep passion for dance music culture. After moving to New York to launch their eyewear company, Coco and Breezy Eyewear, the sisters have dedicated themselves to changing the face of dance music and what it means to be accomplished Afro-Latina women DJs and producers. With performances at major festivals, tour dates across the globe, and a Billboard Chart topping single, “Just Say”, Coco & Breezy are just warming up.  Their latest single (released June 16, 2023), “Off My Mind” is available via Free Your Soul / Moodswing Music. 


After sending us the Creative Counts worksheets, we had a few follow up questions for Coco & Breezy:

What about the exercise did you enjoy?

Breezy: I loved it because when I journal, I’m able to articulate myself through writing versus typing. And being able to include art into it, I feel like I can express myself even more. So, that’s what I really loved about it.

Coco: And that’s something we do anyways. We’ve been doing that since we were kids. Our journaling and our writing has always been a mix of visual art and words.

What are the greatest benefits of having a built-in collaborator in each other?

Breezy: The greatest benefit is, honestly, that we learn unconditional love at such a young age. We learned that in the womb. And when it comes to life, it’s all about practice. So, since we’re able to learn how to love each other unconditionally, Coco and I, we love everyone unconditionally. A stranger, a friend – everybody. We’ve learned how to collaborate with each other so well that we are great collaborators with the world.

Coco:  We had to practice compassion, understanding, empathy, all those things. And practice understanding what people’s intentions are when sometimes their words aren’t correct.

Breezy: And we have a good balance too. Things that she’s great at, I might not be the best at, and vice versa.

You said that the rise of house music in the late 70s is a source of inspiration for you. Are there any specific artists that you feel directly inspire your work?

Breezy: It’s the general inspiration of where house music first started. And it started in the black community. So, for us to be able to be this generation of young black latina women, bringing our sound into the space is actually my inspiration. We get inspired by the OGs that started it.

Coco: Yeah. I think the bigger thing for us, too, is to be true to our sound. And I think that we tell our story in our music. And so, there’s a lot of soulful house music elements. There’s some Latin tribal music elements. There’s some R&B grooves in there. It’s a mix of everything that we put into one song, so it doesn’t really fit a single genre. But different genres, telling our story in our one song.

Breezy: It’s a feeling. I think our biggest inspiration is the feeling that we want people to have.

Anything else you’d like to share? (Upcoming projects, happenings in life, etc)

Coco: We’re going on tour with Chromeo in the fall, so that’s super exciting. We’re also working on our EP right now that we’ll be dropping sometime early next year.

Breezy: Then we have some really awesome festivals coming up that we’re pumped about. 

Coco: Something else we’re excited about, is that we’re working on a lower price point eyewear collection for our music fans because we realized that there are fans that love our eyewear, but they can’t afford the higher price point things. We’re working on a capsule collection that’s under $100.

Breezy: And something else we’re working on is a flagship store in LA, a Coco and Breezy store. It’s going to be in Hollywood Park in a new development that’s happening right now. It’s going to be a Coco and Breezy experience.

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